Impact Hub Manila, SUAB, and KMC Tackle the Path to Digitization

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Impact Hub Manila, DTI Philippines, and StartUp AsiaBerlin recently joined forces to create a powerful event featuring dialogue with international and local thought leaders on how markets and countries have wielded their communities to transition towards the Path to Digitization.

After opening remarks by Ces Rondario, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Manila, Henry Motte-Muñoz, Founder & CEO of spoke to the importance of digitizing educational solutions in order to keep up with today’s resources and trends.

Geraldine de Bastion, Founder of Konnektiv / Global Innovation Gathering (Global Digitization) followed, and gave an inspiring talk, sharing stories of innovators around the globe who implemented digital solutions to solve complicated problems within their communities.  Geraldine stressed the importance of the cultures and values that we’re building within the startup ecosystem, since startups are the stepping stones to digital transformation in our society. 

Nandakumar Katta, Founder and Managing Director of Gnarus Solutions tied history into his talk, making a connection between the technology and business models used in the past and the technology being used now and being developed for the future. Nandakumar used the example of doorstep delivery on pushcarts in his childhood, and online grocery delivery services to illustrate this connection- two very different business ideas solving the same problem in different times. Nandakumar’s talk went on to include personal examples from his business ventures to illustrate the importance of growth and development in the area of digitization for impact-based companies.

Simone Martinelli of KMC Solutions’ talk focused on positioning companies for the future through staying ahead of innovations. Simone covered the rise and success of call centers, remote officing, and the importance of staying informed of market-changers for the industry like artificial intelligence. Simone’s big question, “will digitalization impact the Philippines negatively?” didn’t have an immediate answer… however, Simone urged, with collaboration on finding solutions to changes in the business world, we can all move forward with success.

The digitization event was well-attended by a mixture of students, entrepreneurs, and investors, and supported through Impact Hub Manila partners KMC, DTI – Startup Pilipinas, SUAB, GIZ, and WHENINMANILA.COM

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