Why Startups Mostly Work in Coworking Spaces



In the very early stages of your startup, working from a garage or basement can be fine. However, at a certain point, you will need to change. You cannot always keep meeting clients at restaurants or coffee shops. Moreover, working from home can see your productivity wane with distractions like kids, family, pets and TV. With the brisk growth of flexible workspace industry, shared workspace provides more of a professional image than what your home and a coffee shop can provide.

Being surrounded with successful, motivated, and like-minded entrepreneurs cannot be overlooked and a lot of people find that working in this kind of situation increases their productivity greatly. Also, having the convenience of everyday amenities and a lively engaging environment help startups scale their business much faster while opening up a superfluity of new opportunities that are tough to come by while working in a stand-alone office.

Here are four reasons why most startups work on coworking spaces:


 coworking space manila
coworking space manila


Professional Space

Many startups begin at home– a typical entrepreneur trying to build a successful business from his or her attic or garage. However, there comes a point where this kind of setup is no longer suitable.

When it comes to meeting clients, coffee shops or restaurants serve a purpose to a point – but a coworking space provides a much more professional setting to discuss products or services with clients, and as we all know, first impressions are vital.


 professional coworking space manila
professional coworking space manila



The environment where we work has a crucial impact on the quality of work and productivity. Similarly, it plays a vital role in fueling creativity and creates a space for innovative ideas. Coworking spaces break the isolation of working alone from home and host a convivial environment for entrepreneurs by fostering creativity.

Choosing a coworking environment can offer the advantages of having a daily routine similar to when working in an office while offering much of the flexibility of working from home. In this respect, a coworking space can even offer the best of both worlds.


 coworking space manila 2
coworking space manila 2



Renting a coworking space is much cheaper than renting traditional office space and often includes unlimited coffee, wi-fi, and access to conference rooms. Coworking spaces are very affordable for startups and provide the right environment to flourish. The spaces are dedicated to improving productivity and provide a host of business solutions at a very small fee. Moreover, most spaces have flexible membership arrangements.


 coworking space manila 3
coworking space manila 3



Some of the greatest benefits for startup founders who choose to move to co-working spaces come from intangibles, and one of the most important of these is the opportunity to network with other like-minded and driven individuals.

Coworking communities also often provide more organized settings such as networking events and conferences.

Similarly, the people occupying the same coworking space may be potential clients. If an entrepreneur is offering a particular business solution, the most accessible clients are those working in the same space.

In this way, coworking spaces can provide an easy access client pool, an added benefit that it is much easier to seek feedback from, allowing the business to adapt to the clients’ needs much faster than possible.


 coworking space manila 4
coworking space manila 4


For these reasons, many startups are choosing to move to coworking spaces – and the vast majority seem to find the experience a positive, productive and profitable one.

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