Choosing the Best Coworking Space for your Startup

With the movement towards shared office space spreading from freelancers, creatives, and remote workers to early stage startups, the benefits are clear. Not only does sharing space offer cost savings and flexibility versus signing a traditional office lease, it also avoids the hassle and expense of planning a move, outfitting an office, and handling all the time-consuming administrative details. There are innumerable types of coworking environments today, each with different kinds of people, services, and vibes along with their own unique stories. With so many coworking options available around the world, how can startups choose the right one? Here are a few key aspects to take a look at to narrow the search:



There are innumerable types of coworking environments today, each with different kinds of people, services, and vibes along with their own unique stories.




Always consider the needs of your business. Do you just need office address or you need to meet clients regularly? Do you need an office which has rapport and great connectivity so that your team can work comfortably? Create a list of top needs and wants, categorize each by level of importance and decide from there.


A coworking membership is like a gym membership – nobody forces you to go, so making sure it’s convenient helps combat those days where getting out of bed is a little difficult, and ensures you get value for your membership. Is it easy to reach? Is it easy to commute? Does it accommodate parking? Is it easy to find? Websites and pictures might project an amazing picture. But at the end it’s about convenience. You can choose client centric location. Every coworking space is different so shop around, book in trials, find your tribe, and a convenient place to be.


If you are startup , you need to be cautious of your budget. It might not be appropriate to burn large amount of money in renting an office space. Costs of coworking spaces should be a fair deal for startups. You can ask few questions to community manager before joining: Is it a month-to-month rent or or are there leases for an extended amount of time? Can you take a free trial? Do they have packages? What are the amenities included? Can you meet with clients and potential business partners?




Just because the work environment is nontraditional doesn’t mean relationships and culture matter any less. You want to choose a locale that will maximize your opportunities to meet and network with people who could help you grow your business. However, it’s not safe to assume a place is right for you just because all the other tenants are in your same specialty. Visit and try to talk with some of the others to get a feel of the demographics and the dynamics.

Always consider the needs of your business.

A coworking space can be the right choice for a startup looking for a space between the home office and traditional office. With the simple steps described, it will be easy to find the perfect place to call home.

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