Successful Startups and Coworking Spaces

For years, coworking was seen as a working space for freelancers, independent professionals, and tiny startups. But, things have changed. Many companies of various sizes and budgets choose coworking venues as workstations today. Here are some well-known companies that started in coworking spaces:


Everyone knows this sharing economy pioneer which has grown to become a worldwide transport services provider. But not everybody is aware that it started off in a coworking space in New York and then in San Francisco. Back in 2011, a team of 8, including the co-founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp operated from RocketSpace – a tech space in San Francisco. These days the company is represented in 80 countries across the globe with operations in almost 800 metropolitan areas. It has also expanded to Uber Eats, Uber Freight and Uber Help offering various transport-related services.

Successful Startups and Coworking Spaces


Spotify is yet another amazing tech startup that began in RocketSpace. Currently, this streaming service’s audience comprises 159 million active users, its annual revenue equals nearly $5bn (in 2017), and its value is estimated at $8 bn.


Instagram is yet another example of successful startups.  This company that was once San Francisco-based revolutionized social media platforms. The concept was born in Dogpatch Labs – a coworking space where Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created a new concept of social media that gained popularity across the globe and was purchased by Facebook for a $1 billion.

Successful Startups and Coworking Spaces


Not only the big businesses have started the journey from coworking spaces but many big non-profit organisations have also done so. Charity is one of them as it has the mission of bringing safe drinking water to numerous people all around the world. It launched in the year 2006 and has been able to accomplish more than 21000 projects so far.


This app began in a coworking space, which gave the founder and CEO Jonathan Wegener a platform to launch and network. Timehop is a feature that allows you to see what you’ve posted on any given day, however many years ago.


This was initially a small startup that was brought up in the year 2011 with the motive of bridging the huge market gap for the travellers. Indifferent of the place, travelling should be feasible for one and all. This startup again finds its roots at a coworking space and became a huge hit in a short span of time. Just after 1 year of operations, it was acquired by the famous website TripAdvisor.

The startups listed above have made it big and all of them are in favour of coworking spaces. There is no doubt in the fact that coworking is best for startups and entrepreneurs and it can actually help them grow exponentially.

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