How Shared Spaces Benefit Work & Life

How Shared Spaces Benefit Work & Life

Working professionals spend considerable part of their daily lives in offices. And in a connected world, companies expect employees to respond in real time even when they are outside the office. No wonder a nine-hour job is a thing of the past. The problems could be compounded by the stress of long working hours and after hours spent on office work. To cope with the blurring boundaries between work and life, employees look for jobs that offer a perfect balance between the two.

When a traditional office and a home-based office are no longer making the grade, working in a coworking space just may be the answer. Not only do coworking spaces provide remote workers with a break from the home office, but they also provide traditional office workers with the ability to leave the office politics behind.

While we could go on and on about the advantages of coworking spaces, here are 3 important benefits to keep in mind if you’re considering a coworking membership or office space:

Increased Well Being

We all know the importance of a work-life balance, but unfortunately a lot of today’s workplaces don’t have an environment to support that. With amenities that promote a healthy work-life balance such as yoga Mondays, free wi-fi access, and unlimited coffee so that you’re able to do your job in a healthier, more relaxed environment. Access to gym at work helps take away the stress of looking for a membership for today’s health conscious employees. We all know that employee well-being doesn’t just make people happy, it makes your business happy too by driving profits.

 Some coworking spaces offer free yoga sessions!
Some coworking spaces offer free yoga sessions!

Exclusive Access to Business Resources

Very few people talk about the number one benefit of sharing a working space: networking!

One of the disadvantages of working on your own from home is that you just don’t come across any chances of networking with peers and like-minded individuals. Hence, you might be missing out on some helpful guidance and resources.

Being a freelancer or small business can be difficult when you don’t have a sense of community. With coworking spaces, you can still work by yourself but not alone. You’ll be introduced to many individuals that can serve as resources or sounding boards. Some coworking spaces also provide educational & partnership platforms that will serve as resources to help grow your business. Participate in member events to network, grow, and be inspired.

Not only do coworking spaces encourage a great sense of community, but they bolster business by fostering connections. Many coworking members and tenants have noticed a significant increase in new clients due to the relationships they’ve established at their place of work. Coworking spaces give your business more exposure to a diverse group of potential clients. It’s also a great way to find new people to work with.

 When you’re 100% invested in something, you have more accountability and work better!
When you’re 100% invested in something, you have more accountability and work better!

Improved Accountability

One of the most challenging parts of being self-employed is holding yourself accountable for the time and money spent. When you only have yourself to answer to, it becomes difficult to find the motivation to meet high expectations.

But when you are paying for space, even if it’s a small amount, you are more likely to keep the accounts and expenses up to date. Besides, having other people and teams around can also inspire people to do their best and stay enthusiastic in the face of entrepreneurial adversities. Having the team’s goals and plans out in the open and always available for comparison will hold you accountable to see them through to success.

Your startup’s progress depends on you, but working around other teams will give you the morale boost needed to give it your best shot. A coworking space lets you set your schedule, so you can work as you want to achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in finding a coworking space, or want to learn more about the concept, you can reach us by clicking on the button below!

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