Time-Management Tips For Better Productivity

Time-Management Tips For Better Productivity

You often come across the phrase “work smarter, not harder” and find that this gives more verity to the real definition of the term productivity more than anything else. You can work daily for eight hours and meet your quota of deliverables yet in any venture, productivity is actually defined as how you remain dependable in executing the important entries in your “in” tray.

This essence of productivity works wonders for how startups operate these days. Being able to formulate strategies on how you can effectively manage your time is definitely a plus factor in any form of entrepreneurship.

Here are five ways that can help you manage your time properly whether doing your business as a freelancer or as part of a coworking environment:

Do away with less important activities.

Nowadays, more entrepreneurs use the Eisenhower Matrix in their startups. The strategy helps you decide on which things you should act upon first by determining their urgency. This productivity tool works by listing down your top priorities for the day and identifying those that can be shelved for later. What’s best in using this strategy is that you can also apply it in co-working offices to align mutual objectives.

Put a premium on energy.

The typical employee should stand up at least 15 minutes per hour while working. This has been one of the ergonomically correct practices in the workplace for years and everyone whose aim is productivity should mind them. Pacing your energy for the entire time in any co-working environment allows you to work better at different periods of the day. This of course entails that you observe certain routines and determine how each one of your tasks expends the most energy. What’s most important is that you take ample rest and not overwork yourself even if you are pressed for time.    

 Developing a good habit is beneficial to one's physical or mental health.
Developing a good habit is beneficial to one’s physical or mental health.

Create a daily starter habit.

Most successful startups develop a morning routine before they start their day at the office. Preparing your mind for the work ahead through meditation, a hearty breakfast, or skimming through the latest news are just some of the better habits you can adapt to. And just as how you started the day positively, it all the more works if you end the day with a good night’s rest as preparation for the next working day.

Be cool. 

A good temperature in the office allows you to think more clearly than toiling in a sweltering hot room with co-workers. Be sure that you wear light clothes for hot days and bring jackets on cold ones so that you may even the temperature as needed. The main thing in this practice that draws out your productivity is how you remain comfortable with your body temperature as it helps you relax even at times when pressing deadlines are on the rise.

Schedule your emails.

Most productive employees usually open their emails later on in the afternoon, and attend to more important agenda for the early part of the day. This proves to be a more effective pattern in dealing with your work priorities and when it comes to productivity, being able to efficiently manage what you have to deal with for the day is winning half the battle.   

That’s about it! Remember that the key to success is consistency, so try to manage your time better to make sure that you reach your goals on time!

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