How To Get Rid Of Procrastination

How To Get Rid Of Procrastination

In Philippine culture, the Mañana Habit is as common as a household brand — a negative trait synonymous to procrastination or one of the most dreaded worker attitudes in entrepreneurship. Employees slacking off and prolonging the execution of their tasks to a later time is definitely an unwanted scheme in any place of productivity especially in startups.

But even the best of us fall into the pit of procrastination once in a while. We find ourselves rushing at times to meet deadlines, and sacrificing quality while regretting how we took that 30-minute coffee break earlier instead of just focusing on urgent matters at hand. It might even surprise you how procrastination can hold you back from that promotion you were constantly eyeing.

To ensure your chances for career growth, here are five strategies on how you can eliminate the Mañana Habit in no time.  

Set your priorities.

In overcoming this workplace obstacle, you first have to acknowledge that you are indeed procrastinating before you try and find solutions. Determine which urgent matters are on top of your priority lists and focus on them first. Creating an Eisenhower Box is one way to reach your peak productivity for the day by identifying what needs to be done, planned, delegated, or shelved and managing your time sensibly.

Here are more time-management tips that can help you breeze through the day’s workload.

 Try figuring our what your triggers are so you can avoid them!
Try figuring our what your triggers are so you can avoid them!

Identify triggers.

Think about what causes your procrastination. Is it boring? Does fear set in when you begin to act? Is venturing in a new startup too overwhelming? No matter what the underlying reason is, you should find a way to work around that feeling and develop your focus. When trying to overcome these negative feelings, tangible tools that may help you are to-do-lists, calendars, and reading materials so you can brush up on relevant matters concerning the tasks at hand.

Find out strategies on how you can stay focused when you get bored in the workplace here.

Choose co-working spaces.

For many work from home freelancers, the quietness of home and the absence of some sense of professional environment can also be triggers to slack off on the job. If you are a freelancer, being in a co-working office could be beneficial to you because real human contact can encourage you to focus more on the job at hand rather than give into putting off tasks when you’re at home. Co-working spaces allows you to be more flexible without being way too relaxed during work hours.  

Be committed.

In the world of entrepreneurship, nothing can be accomplished without commitment. The same goes for any assignment be it a simple task or something of scale. In order to refrain from dallying on your tasks, you have to stay committed on your objectives by constantly brushing up on developments and looking for solutions. The ride towards success is not all fun and games but there’s always that unparalleled fulfillment to a job well done. Always keep your focus on the prize and you may never find a dull moment working on your assignments.  

 Go for that dream vacation after completing a project!
Go for that dream vacation after completing a project!

Reward yourself.

One good way to motivate yourself is setting up a reward system for every task you accomplish. Try to set good ones according to the level of difficulty in every task. Treat yourself to a nice dinner when you are able to strike every item on your checklist, or promise yourself a night at the movies if you complete a really boring task. Setting up rewards for yourself keeps you locked in on finishing what’s urgent and most often help you leave no room for procrastination.   

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