Why Getting Started Is More Important Than Succeeding

Why Getting Started Is More Important Than Succeeding

We all have our own light bulb moments. Let’s say you have finally developed this great new idea for a project, and have mentally projected its success. Now the question is “how do you get it to fly off the ground?”

Most athletes will tell you that the age-old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ really works. Knowing about your competition, investing in your strengths, and learning how to accept failure are just some of the lessons we can learn from an athlete’s work ethic. The real battle comes when procrastination sets in. No athlete or employee ever thrived by delaying work or training that can further develop their performance.

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When it comes to productivity in doing a task, being ready may count more than actually focusing on how you can accomplish it. A good example is how most startup companies try to avoid committing the mistake of focusing on end results first before establishing a feasible business plan. The same goes for any kind of work. Ask yourself if you are up to the task ahead no matter how Herculean they may be then draw up a plan on how you’ll go about executing each one throughout the project’s duration.

Entrepreneurship principles call for preparedness at all times. This means that your motivation, focus, and confidence should always be in play throughout a project’s timeline.

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 Tend to forget tasks easily? Write them down!
Tend to forget tasks easily? Write them down!

It is also important to remember that pursuing excellence is not the end-all of any endeavor. Today’s generation may place importance on validation and compare themselves to counterparts, but worth is essentially measured by one’s level of professionalism and passion to perform regardless of the outcome. Doing best practices for productivity and perfecting them is definitely a plus. Soon enough, continuing to do these positive habits will let you manage your time more efficiently when handling work challenges.

So after checking your meters on motivation, focus, confidence, and worth, how do you really get started on a task? Like a gladiator stepping into the arena for the fight of his life, arm yourself with your tangible tools for battle. Bring your trusty little notebook to meetings, organize your presentations, prepare a set of questions to clarify. Always find ways on how you can contribute to the project’s objectives and take notes on new discoveries that will you keep you abreast of developments.

This motivation strategy is also favorable in coworking situations where you get to engage in conversations with other people. You get to learn a lot of new things with coworkers from various work backgrounds while gaining fresh ideas for your own projects. Coworking also allows you to practice creativity and develop out-of-the-box solutions in further developing your own skills.

The bottom line is that your willingness to take that first step into a task, without paying great details on being number one or garnering the highest scores, is of paramount importance. Once you take that first step and as long as your commitment is in place, you’ll find that the journey to success is where the real prize lies in the realm of entrepreneurship.

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