Overcoming Your Productivity Woes

So you have a number of employees working for your startup company but somehow productivity seems too low and you can’t quite pinpoint the problem. Is there something wrong with your strategies or your workflow? Are you outdated in the latest trends in entrepreneurship? Are your employees the real problem? Or are you just too busy to really care about what’s going on?  

This common workplace dilemma can affect business results tremendously and not knowing what factors to look into and make the necessary repairs could mean a suffering business. Your employees will definitely play a big part in curbing your productivity drought as they are the ones who apply changes mostly, but a thorough review of what your startup is all about will also be necessary.

Let’s go right ahead and dive into which factors can cause an unsatisfactory performance among your employees. While the dynamics may vary per company, you’ll know which ones to remedy if it hits hard.

Confusing Leadership

 Establishing a clear vision and goal to your employees can help increase their productivity.
Establishing a clear vision and goal to your employees can help increase their productivity.

You’ve probably met a wide-variety of boss types in your time and chances are you’ve met bad ones. Studies have already proven that the most common reason for employee turnover is due to the ‘bad boss’ syndrome. This does not mean however that these horrible bosses are limited to your typical inhumane and egocentric divas like Bill Lumbergh or Miranda Priestly. Sometimes low productivity is owed to a boss’s failure to communicate his goals to his employees. An unclear manifestation of a company’s mission and vision can obscure the employees’ morale to the point that they begin questioning their work or worse, their worth. Effectively communicating your company’s mission and vision starts with you as its leader and the accomplishment of goals heavily rely on what the employees really believe in based on both your messages and actions.        

Contrasting goals

Sometimes, an employee’s low productivity does not necessarily mean that they are just bored or not hardworking at all. What could cause low performance can sometimes be attributed to the weak linkage of your employees’ work with your startup program goals. As previously stated, your goals along with your company’s mission and vision should be effectively communicated to all of your employees so that they’ll know that they too are important in the grander scheme of things. Avoid stagnancy and attrition by emphasizing your company’s values and giving them the praise (or raise) due them. Remember that in the event that a talented employee leaves your fold, employee turnover may hurt you more than investing in what is good for them.

Lack of training

 Make sure your employees are always up to date with the latest changes in your company.
Make sure your employees are always up to date with the latest changes in your company.

Today’s startup companies require the tenacity to keep abreast of developing trends and the lack of ample training among your employees, be it with machinery or software, means that you are not maximizing the full potential of man and machine. Make sure that each of your employees knows the latest tricks of the trade and are adept with the latest technologies by sponsoring training programs for them. This practice is prevalent among freelancers who work independently and hone their talents by embarking on continuous bouts of learning as they work. Microlearning—a comprehensive learning tactic that’s both inexpensive and reliable, can help alleviate an employee’s hard skills or their lack of know-how while helping them realize their functions as they should in no time.

Revving up productivity in the workplace should always be a shoo-in when it comes to your priorities and so does learning the right strategies. Quite mostly, it all starts with how you really care about your people that make the real difference.  

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