Top 5 Most Ridiculous Startups We Never Asked For

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Startups We Never Asked For

Google Play and the App Store are cluttered with thousands of apps. Some are definitely very useful to our everyday lives but a few can also be cringe-worthy ones that merit either an eyeroll or facepalm, or both at the same time.

In other corners of the world, there are other geniuses who truly give a premium on the weird and eccentric. Today, we now welcome startups who toil day and night to come up with these entrepreneurial disruptors that we never really asked for.  


In some parts of the world, the scarcity of water is a huge problem. But in New York where environmental startup Reefill is based, tap water is the way to go as opposed to bottled ones. For $1.99 per month, you get access to tap water wherever you are in the city conveniently delivered to you in a way that will put Uber to shame. No doubt about it, this is very useful for people who don’t have faucets in their homes—those little things where they can freely get tap water from.


The laundry will have to wait unless you rely on tech startup Washboard who came up with an ingenious idea to mail people quarters—well, because quarters are arguably hard to come by these days. The service provides coin addicts and laundromat freaks $20 worth of quarters each month for $27. Come to think of it, $7 for convenience may be truly worth it if (as Washboard founder Caleb Brown justifies), “your clothes are just always dirty”.  


Imagine yourself in a small co-working space when suddenly you get a call from your wife who says she’s about to deliver your baby. Of course, you wouldn’t want others within hearing distance in your office space to be bothered by the good news just yet. Well, thank goodness for Hushme, the innovative voice mask for smartphones that keeps your voice at bay and your conversations private, while also reducing noise pollution. When using the gadget, you should wrap it around your mouth and let it hang on your neck, just as how Bane or Darth Vader would wear his own speech unit. Just make sure you’re not wearing your Samsung Gear VR with it as others might mistake you for the Predator.

Ship Snow Yo

Unlike the first three, this startup has more demand but is really not that needed in the US if you really think about it. By transporting tons of snow stateside, the Boston-based company takes entrepreneurship on another level by providing the white stuff by the avalanche. Snow is taken fresh from the snowy caps of Stowe, Warren, Colchester, and Vermont. Peak seasons are during Christmastime and if ever you’re short on leaves during Spring, then fear not as Ship Snow Yo just included the delivery of those rare green things in its roster of bizarre startup programs.

I Am Rich

Making waves since its inception in 2008, the ego-feeding app I Am Rich assures users that they are ‘rich, good, healthy, successful, and that they deserv (sic) it’. If you want to be rich as well, then all you have to do is shell out $999.99 along with the less than ten people who needed the reassurance and self-confidence. The saddest thing here though is that startups that prey on the stupid get the dough and are the only ones who can really claim that they are rich even though if they don’t ‘deserv’ it.

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