Are Coworking Spaces Really Worth It?

Are Coworking Spaces Really Worth It?

Are Coworking Spaces Really Worth It?

You might ask why is coworking suddenly a very dominant culture in industry today and the answer is pretty plain and simple. Startup companies are sprouting left and right globally and the most ideal workplace for this emerging niche are office spaces where they can be flexible, experience convenience, and provide comfort for employees.

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Most freelancers and startup companies who have opted to hold offices in coworking spaces have reported thriving businesses and better company culture. But what really makes this new alternative office environment really work?

No politics. No competition.

As a membership-based workspace where independent contractors congregate and operate, these communal settings are designed for passionate people who are looking to find meaningful connections and opportunities. While traditional offices function as an ecosystem of employees managed by a hierarchy and governed by a rewards/punishment system, coworking comprise of independent professionals who are spared of corporate politics or competition as they work separately and usually deal with different affiliates.

A community of helpers.

In the case of startup businesses, this new office space culture is found to foster a community of employees who are ready to help each other out. Literally breaking down walls or cubicles that usually divide employees, coworking spaces help employees engage in quick conversations and creates opportunities to extend assistance more immediately to co-members who need them.

 Try creating a plan for your whole week.
Try creating a plan for your whole week.

More control.

One study shows that coworking helps professionals develop more control in their work with flexible schedules and comfortable atmospheres.  Somehow, startup employees don’t find it much of a hassle to spend extended hours working in these environments. Most freelancers are able to schedule work according to their own convenience which leads to higher productivity and better results.  

Human element.

In any working environment, it is vital to connect with your colleagues. Coworking spaces are perfect in molding a community of passionate professionals who are ready to help each other regardless of their discipline or backgrounds. This community breathes a certain form of ambience depending on the people who occupy its space. Short to say that coworking spaces are personified by its inhabitants and usually bring out a positive professional vibe. It’s probably safe to say that there are more human elements that come into play within such environments than in most traditional offices.

Employee growth.

One more thing that makes this set up work is how it nurtures employees into professionals that recognize their purpose in a startup company. By putting them in charge of their own capacities and time management while paving the way for opportunities to grow, startup employees develop the autonomy and control in terms of their functions. One research conducted by the Harvard Business Review shows that employees thrive in how well-designed office spaces complement their job experiences. This design is more common in coworking spaces and giving startup employees the independence to conduct themselves as who they really are in terms of their professional and personal capacities can bring out enthusiasm that may translate to greater results.

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