How to Effectively Market an AI Startup

How to Effectively Market an AI Startup

How to Effectively Market an AI Startup

The day is nigh for AI! But don’t worry—this is not an apocalyptic statement that will lead to world domination care of cyborgs and androids, (or at least not in the negative sense anyway). Today, Artificial Intelligence or AI, has become a part of many people’s lives around the world. The simulation of human intelligence to make automated processes more convenient continues to advance at a rapid pace and we are swiftly adapting to every product that is launched into the market.

Households are now equipped with assistants like Alexa or Google, and help is always within reach with Siri or Bixby on our smartphones. These kinds of AI are only considered the ‘weak’ or ‘narrow’ types which means that they are merely designed for particular tasks. Out there are stronger AIs that function via a system with generalized human cognitive abilities such as self-driving cars.

It won’t be a surprise if you go into entrepreneurship armed with an AI state of mind as productivity is said to increase by up to 40% with the technology. This year’s projections also show that startups will soon outperform industry giants such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft in driving the AI economy.

If you want to set up an AI startup, here are four tips that will lead you in the right direction:

Be honest.

Is your startup really doing AI? Confusing your target market with what your offering and what you are actually doing will turn them away. Worse, they can just forget about your company and look to others for what they need. Some companies claim that they are AI-powered but whose operations do not really concern any AI processes. Though it might help your company initially, marketing yourself as an AI startup when you’re really not may lead to more problems with your customers than you could imagine.   

Be user-friendly.

By now, most AI users are now familiar with how systems and gadgets work. Don’t take your users knowledge for granted and show them how your product is used no matter how simple the processes are. Users are visual learners so make sure that you effectively illustrate demonstrations or provide a link to your ‘How To’ videos on social media.

 Make sure you effectively communicate your key points.
Make sure you effectively communicate your key points.

More benefits, less tech talk.

As an AI entrepreneur, you’re probably familiar with tech jargon more than the average user. Always bear in mind that your potential customers will only care about how they can benefit from your product and not much on tech talk. Do show them how your product works and complement your user manual with materials that provide them the advantages of using your product whether in terms of convenience, lower costs, and even profits. Address their pain points and make sure you explain your solutions clearly.


One of the best marketing strategies for AI startups is to provide an avenue for your customers to speak with you directly. In AI, it is essential that your users can reach you and learn more information about your product. You can achieve this by setting up webinars on social media or product launches so you can answer their questions personally. Doing this allows you to build a community of product users as well. Your customers will always appreciate solutions that come straight from the source and this can eventually generate trust for your brand.

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