How To Network in Coworking Spaces

How To Network in Coworking Spaces

How To Network in Coworking Spaces

Co-working spaces offer professionals a more flexible and casual environment for work as compared to traditional office spaces. That’s why most startup companies set up shop in this more cost-effective, and collaborative environment instead.

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Another positive value that co-working spaces can offer your startup programs is how it can be an avenue for efficient networking. Most individuals who work in co-working desks are also freelancers who offer a variety of in-demand services such as graphic design, writing, email marketing, and more. In this setup, you can benefit from connecting with a variety of professionals who can help you venture into the world of independent entrepreneurship.

Here are a few things to consider to create networks in co-working spaces:

You’re free to roam.

It may be a new environment for you but its unconventional design can allow you to move around freely and occupy different work zones. This can lessen stress levels significantly and can keep your creative juices flowing as opposed to merely being cramped in one small cubicle in a regular office space. This setup also gives you a chance to meet other freelancers and professionals who can help you broaden your scope of knowledge through conversations and shared projects. The pivotal thing here is how co-working spaces are casual and rather more intimate, making it equally easier for you to connect with other people or enjoy your own privacy.

Promote yourself.

Collaboration happens in co-working spaces more often than you can expect and with an established background for your expertise, you may just end up with lucrative offers and a thriving work trade. Keep in mind that it’s important to promote your business through networking and constant conversations with your co-workers and clients. Pitch work trade proposals and do excellent work that speaks for itself. Opportunities for work trades are just around every corner of co-working spaces and most startup programs rely on outsourced freelance services often.

 Talking to others can help you gain new perspectives and insights.
Talking to others can help you gain new perspectives and insights.


Most coworking environments evolve into communities that rely on each professional’s expertise. Remember to share your services with your co-workers so that you can foster camaraderie and open assistance. Sharing what you know can establish concrete professional connections and relationships and pave the way to more opportunities. Your co-workers also have goals that need other people’s help, and being there for them goes a long way if you want to really have a strong network behind the services you offer or for your own startup programs. Networking is one of the essentials in entrepreneurship so engage in bonding activities, pursue new learnings, and give and take feedback so you can make improvements as you form a solid support from other professionals who are behind you.

Refer a co-worker.

Now that you have formed connections, do your part in making referrals for your co-workers. Tell your external clients about them should they need services. Most professionals within a coworking space become a full-functioning machine comprising various experts who complement each other’s work so be sure not to be left out. Helping others land deals and projects will give keep you on top of your co-workers mind, and may help you further expand your connections in the long run.

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