Will Tech Ever Rule The World?

Will Tech Ever Rule The World?

Will Tech Ever Rule The World?

Blockbuster films such as The Terminator, The Matrix and Ex-Machina hit it big on the silver screen because of the possibilities of each one’s premise. The real question now is if the day is already at hand when fiction turns into reality and Artificial Intelligence or AI takes over the world.   

Today’s technology heavily relies on AI and though things have become much easier with the use of Google, Siri or Alexa in the household, some can’t help the ominous feeling of how robots like Sophia and what Boston Dynamics have been coming up with these days seem too eerily familiar from what we only see in the movies. Most people don’t really take comfort in knowing that these films end up quite a bit disturbing.

A proper perspective…

To gain a proper perspective, let’s go ahead and take a look at some examples of what humans used to do that technology is efficiently doing for us these days. Many of today’s giant automotive manufacturers are developing self-driving cars; hospitals are now equipped with facilities that are operated by robots (ironically, robots that operate on humans is now a reality); automation devices help us measure our heart rate, length of sleep, and miles ran; and voice recognition assistants have invaded our homes by the millions.

While the examples above have their own merits, there is still an uneasy feeling for most when thinking about how robots could someday rule the planet. Netflix recently released its hit animated anthology Love, Death & Robots and many viewers were able to relate with each one, with even some welcoming the idea of a future utopia ran by tech. But in real life, do we really want to depend on technology for work that humans are supposed to do?

 Artificial intelligence is commonly used today as virtual assistants.
Artificial intelligence is commonly used today as virtual assistants.

Tech startups continue to develop software that uses technology as various algorithms continue to evolve toward perfection. In most cases, AI is the new freelancer. Today, over 3000 startup programs from private entities provide both hardware and data infrastructure to create AI applications and industries like SenseTime, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere to name a few.

While these technological advances do help people greatly, it all boils down to how much we as humans rely on technology to rule our daily lives. Without dependency and demand, there won’t be any need for more automated robots to do stuff for us.

On the ethical side…

Another thing to consider is ethics. Humans will always have the power to decide which technology is ethical and what is not. Laws are another facet that ensures us that tech will never rule over humanity. We only want technology that will help the majority and not harm them unless necessary in law enforcement or for national defense. Modernization and entrepreneurship also call for responsibilities of manufacturers towards its consumers. Every nation has a law that protects us from dangerous products in the global market including those in tech.

What about the government?

On another front, governments are responsible for the welfare of each of its constituents in terms of employment. By this, humans will always be the one to create tech and fulfill responsibilities in the workplace, rather than let tech run the show for the sake of convenience. Further modernization will fail if tech ever ruled the world. The human mind will always be the only capable source that can conjure intangible positives such as moral ethics and creativity. So there’s no real need to worry. Even if everybody wants to rule the world, bots will probably be the last ones to occupy the throne.

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