Fight your Monday Woes in Three Easy Ways

Fight your Monday Woes in Three Easy Ways

Fight your Monday Woes in Three Easy Ways

It’s an age-old fact that the majority dread Mondays other than any other day of the week. The struggle to restart your faculties and accept another bout of rising up early for work is sometimes too much for some to handle. Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats couldn’t stress enough how they don’t like Mondays and want ‘to shoot the whole day down’. But what if all you needed was ample preparation and something to look forward to? Maybe then Monday could be the best day of the week if you know how to face it head on.

Think of it first as an opportunity. Reaffirm your worth by valuing and appreciating your job as much as you can the moment you open your eyes every morning. Be a channel of positivity among your colleagues and observe how optimism can turn a dull Monday at the office into something that can be productive.

Here are some easy ways that can help you get over the Monday blues in a jiffy:

Lessen stress on Sunday nights.

Sunday night is the perfect time for you to manage everything that needs to be done for the entire week. You can reduce stress by simply performing tasks you can already do on Sunday rather than wait around the next day. Less procrastination means more productivity. Outline tasks you’ll have to go over throughout the week and you’ll be good and ready. Freelance writers have developed a formula that is similar to how you’d want to achieve this step. By putting on paper certain ideas and listing them according to urgency and importance, you have yourself a roadmap of what you need to accomplish or what you can set aside for later.   

 Take the time to prioritize and think of your tasks.
Take the time to prioritize and think of your tasks.

Identify what keeps you down.

Most of the time, the Monday blues get the best of us when we have too many tasks to do in the office. Pressing deadlines and unorganized presentations tend to make us anxious and multiply our stress levels. Take a moment to identify what you need to address and how you can improve the flow of things. Are your co-workers too loud that they distract you while working? Do you have too much work on your hands? List down what you need in order to work smoothly as well as the things that make you feel indifferent around the office. Once you know what’s keeping you bored, you can move on to something that can make you see just how truly valuable you are in the office.

Prepare a checklist.

Stress and anxiety are a given when you enter the world of entrepreneurship regardless if you’re the boss or a rank and file employee. You can do away with stress if you prepare a list of what you need to do for the week including the things that will excite you. Do you have an upcoming pitch? Do you have an idea that you wish to share with your boss or colleagues? Polish your thoughts and check out the ones you’re already confident about and you’ll find that things can get much easier and even the time can go way faster.

Remember that a good mindset towards work is a proven way to curb challenges. Talk to somebody about what’s bothering you about your work life because they just might have their own good ideas to liven things up.

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