How to Make the Perfect Product Pitch

How to Make the Perfect Product Pitch

How to Make the Perfect Product Pitch

Most office workers know how to put in a slide or two for their reports or presentations. However, only a few really know how to approach it with the right amount of creativity that truly works. In today’s age of startups and visual marketing, creating slideshows for product pitches have become a huge factor in landing clients.

As entrepreneurship evolves, so do preferences among target markets, businesses, and investors. Presentations for your fiscal reports, product decks, and marketing materials have now become more visual and contain catchy phrases in appealing fonts. For startups, preparing a presentation for clients can sometimes serve as the winning factor in closing deals.

Unfortunately, coming up with one that catches the interest and attention of their intended audiences is a skill that only a few really take time to learn and master.

If you are looking to impress your target clients with your pitch, here are three useful tips you can apply to create an engaging presentation:

Be conversational.

All product pitches should create interesting conversations. They are not meant to be monologues, but rather a dialogue that relays vital information between you and your client. Place great confidence in your product or service before you create a presentation as clients can easily sniff out inferior products based on your lack of interest.  

Study the key points of your offer and highlight your unique selling propositions in as minimal slides as possible. Go for relevant images that raise interest and prove a point. As long as you put what’s appropriate in your presentations, you’re most likely to pique their curiosity and consider your pitch.   

 Think of simple ways to present your key message.
Think of simple ways to present your key message.

Focus on your target’s needs.

When you pitch your product, make sure that you present solutions that will solve your target’s problems. Communicating this clearly with factual, yet concise explanations will do wonders for you. Present your advantages in a way that you address their needs and give them the best possible alternatives. Why are you better than the competition? How important is your client? Your audiences need to know that your presentation is all about them so study their preferences in order to come up with an attention-grabbing presentation.

One good way to do this is by determining if your client is a left-brain or a right-brain thinker. Go for more practical and logical presentations for the former, and more innovative and emotional on the latter and they’ll know that you’re on the same page as they are.  

Connect through a story.

Consumers are moved by compelling stories. They are motivated to try out products or services that tell true and inspiring tales. Your brand’s story is told by how your clients perceive your startup company, and it can allow you to connect with more potential leads. In order to gain your client’s trust and confidence, design your templates in a way that you manage your clients’ expectations. Clarify your brand’s mission, vision, and values. This will show them where you can take them in the succeeding chapters of your partnership.

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