Why SaaS Should Be “Success as a Service”

Why SaaS Should Be “Success as a Service”

Why SaaS Should Be “Success as a Service”

Many entrepreneurs believe that the concept of “Software as a Service” or SaaS emerged when most software purchased by users from the market didn’t live up to expectations. These instances were very prevalent from during the latter part of the previous century. Gone are the days when users had to purchase CDs and install bits of software in the computer. For some unfortunate souls, what’s worse is finding out that they have either failed at installing the software or learning how to use it properly. The convenience that today’s SaaS products offer users is a welcome innovation. However, some third-party providers are still having difficulties in making their services work as they are intended for online users. What you want to get is SaaS that translates to “Success as a Service” instead of basic software that more or less breaks its promises. 

For laymen who are not acquainted with the theories of cloud computing, SaaS is a form of software distribution wherein the developers or service providers themselves host applications for online customers. 

If you are a software vendor who is planning to deliver your product the SaaS way, you’ll need to shape up on these three vital aspects before you can consider your business a success.

Cloud Onboarding.

The two main things customers are looking for in companies that host software services are customer assistance and convenience. Your software should be able to help your customers with their needs and guide them so they can maximize its functions. Google Apps are SaaS examples that are both simple and intuitive, and allow users to easily navigate what they need in a series of linked applications online. More complicated SaaS however can do better with cloud onboarding as it deploys applications and data in the specific cloud infrastructure. Such great examples of business software that utilizes cloud onboarding are Whatfix, Freshteam and Looop.  

 Take time to create your ideal customer profile.
Take time to create your ideal customer profile.


Successful SaaS providers hire people who are well-versed on the software and can help users via inbound marketing. Teaching your users how they can maximize your software’s capabilities will gain positives for your brand and strengthen your recall. Such services as HubSpot empower their education team to assist users on their onboarding experience and minimize potential support problems in the future. Most businesses also have good word-of-mouth for HubSpot as they also teach the broader market with free online trainings on business-related topics at the HubSpot Academy.    


A good SaaS provider also creates communities for their target markets and suggests the best curated content where they can draw references from. Some offer topics on job openings, special interests, collaboration, and troubleshooting among others. This is an important feature if you are a provider because the cloud computing industry is expected to further boom with nearly 80% of major companies planning to convert their applications to SaaS by next year. Forums will help you gain feedback and will help you improve your product while effectively solving customer problems. It will definitely take some work but if you are planning to grow your user-base for the long-term and achieve true success, building communities within your site is definitely a must.

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