Buckle Up for the Most Productive New Year with these 4 Tips To Kickstart Your Business in 2020!

Buckle Up for the Most Productive New Year with these 4 Tips To Kickstart Your Business in 2020!

Buckle Up for the Most Productive New Year with these 4 Tips To Kickstart Your Business in 2020!


It is the time of the year again, where creative resolutions, fresh beginnings, and new starts are common. It can be easily said that there can be no other ideal time to kick-start your creativity and plan for a new year that will be the most exciting with inspiration and productivity. Nevertheless, if this is what you are craving for, it should be said that the standard resolutions are not just going to cut it.

So, the question here is how you set resolutions that you will actually stick to. Most importantly, it should not be like the resolutions you make every year. Examples include hitting the gym daily, eating less and you know, hitting the gym daily. But hey! All of us make resolutions every year. But, how many of us really stick to it? 

The answer to this question is the set of resolutions that will make the upcoming 2020, the most fruitful for you! Remember that these tips will help you keep your professional ambitions at the forefront of your commitments for the upcoming year. So, buckle up! This is the right time to plan and prevent your New Year’s resolutions from falling flat.

Set realistic goals that will take you to success

Will you agree when it is said that the New Year will bring in a lot of expectations and energy for the future? Yes, the reason is that many of us feel it to be the natural time for new beginnings. Obviously, you will be interested in doing whatever you feel could not be done last year, right? Of course, you will set some new goals as well that will help you keep the needle moving. As against setting up regular ambitious goals like losing 20 pounds of weight, you should use both lag and lead measures. What are they? Let us find out here:

  • Do you know that lag measures can actually measure the success of your most important objectives for the upcoming year? For instance, for a business, these measures can be like improving customer base, increasing sales and revenue. When it comes to individuals, these measures can be anything like losing some pounds of weight, learning a new language, etc. When you set up your lag measures, you will have to ensure that they are not just specific, but also quantifiable. So, it will be easier for you to judge how well you did.

  • On the other hand, lead measures help track the crucial activities that take you to the lag measure. When it comes to businesses, these measures can denote the time spent with customers. This is something that can drive a business to achieve better customer satisfaction and the resulting profit. When it comes to personal life, these measures denote the exercises and diet that you carry out to lose weight.

Define your purpose 

Only when you have a definitive purpose, you will stay in tune with your resolution. When you have a single goal of achieving specific revenue in your business in the upcoming year, you will be focused on that goal alone. But, what if you have multiple goals. For instance, you wish to achieve specific revenue and secondly, you have the goal of achieving the specific revenue by working only for fewer hours in a day. So, these are two different things you will have to focus on. Rather than focusing on both simultaneously, it would be fruitful to focus on one initially. Once you achieve it, you can move on with the other 

Identify your focus area

You might think that you are good at multi-tasking. But, remember that it can have a great impact on your marching towards your goals. The reason is that when you multi-task, your concentration switches from one job to another. In turn, you cannot complete both efficiently. So, follow a minimalist approach. For instance, when you are into achieving your business goal, stay focused. Do not allow any distractions when you are marching towards your goal. One thing you can do is keeping away your phone—which is the biggest enemy these days for many people. Particularly, if you have web access on your phone, just switch it off. You might think that you can just visit and come out of a website. But, it will drag you in. So, identify your focus area and avoid all sorts of distractions. 

Develop a morning routine

Do you know that successful people have a morning routine in their life? When you have such a routine, you can start your day fresh and focused with lots of energy. Also, when you do this, you will have more time to do the most crucial tasks first thing at the beginning of the day. The routine can be anything like exercise, journaling, writing, reading or meditation.

Now, are you ready? Let your resolutions bring success to your business in the upcoming year! 

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