Millennial Friendly Offices: Workplaces that Work for You

Millennial Friendly Offices: Workplaces that Work for You

Millennial Friendly Offices: Workplaces that Work for You

When it comes to life and the living, nature works. It is all about having an adaptive environment. For your work to come alive, you need an environment that helps you grow. While traditional workplaces see this growth in terms of their profession, Millenials have a holistic view about growth and see the workplace as an enabler of efficiency, productivity and a good mix of professional and personal development. After all, every single experience enhances awareness and the ability to function better as a professional and a human being.


Well, before making the best of anything else, you have to make the best out of yourself. This is why millennials persist with the idea of “loving their workplace, as much as loving their work”. Most millennials entered adulthood and self-reliance in the post-2000 recession-era when burdened by debts; their dreams were quashed for tight budgets and low-risk mindset. The pressures caused a lot of stress and anxiety. Mental health became an essential criterion of finding the right work, employer and workplace.

Startups need “empowerment”, entrepreneurs need “excitement”, Gen Z wants the “enriching experiences” and Millenials want to “evolve”. Bearing this in mind, a millennial-friendly office has to be “a workplace that empowers, excites, enriches and evolves along with the work and the people”. 

Agreed, the blog seems a little dull, but the message is not. Perhaps, if you get to know such offices, things will get really exciting.


  • Technology-enabled offices that foster the “human connection”

Millennials want to connect with people, their cultures, their values, and their motivations. Be a part of a team, a tribe, or even believe that co-workers are making up one huge family. After all, it is about mutual trust and co-dependence that helps manage everything that can possibly hinder productivity and personal growth. Millennials want to help each other in every possible way, even in times of emotional turmoil and mental stress. Introduce the joy of cooperation instead of the cut-throat competition within the workplace. AI may be here and it may replace tasks, but millennials comprise of the generation that is at the helm of human advancement and their innovative minds need a healthy and active lifestyle that transcends work and home environments.

  • Financial planning that rids worries

Millennials witnessed many of their elders, including parents and family members, get fired without having a financial safety net. I hope you can see the wisdom in providing a well-planned and secure financial strategy to a millennial right away, especially if you are a millennial. Stock options are a good choice, as they link individual and organizational performance with financial reward and a Small Business 401k is an amazing choice, as it shows your intent to invest in their future, including retirement.

  • Engage, communicate and create an idea pipeline from the bottom up

Today, organizations are migrating towards a flat structure and the hierarchy only represents the size and scope of one’s job description and not the superior status of an individual. The best way to achieve this or sustain a flat structure is to ensure that good ideas from absolutely anyone in the organization are heard by everyone. No presumptions and no quashing of ideas. After all, there are no bad ideas, only half-baked or ill-timed ideas, which can be revisited and fostered for growth, just like millennials.

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