Impact Hub Manila and Forest Foundation Philippines Strengthen Community-Building through the SEED Program

Impact Hub Manila and Forest Foundation Philippines Strengthen Community-Building through the SEED Program

Impact Hub Community  and members of the Sékéd Weavers Association in Malawig, Coron.

2019 was yet another year of great impact through Impact Hub Manila’s many initiatives. Tagged as one of the front runners in startup incubation, Impact Hub Manila has embarked on a number of projects that focuses on empowering communities of all kinds, through impactful innovative business practices.

Aligned with that mission, Impact Hub Manila collaborated with the Forest Foundation Philippines and launched the Social Entrepreneurship Engagement Development (SEED) Program. The SEED Program is a year-long development program geared towards community-based enterprise assistance. The SEED Program was bent on supporting some barangays and indigenous communities in Aurora, Quirino and Palawan. The communities gained exposure to sought after mentors and startup founders who served as mentors and community enablers for the program. Core to the vision of the program is linking community-based micro entrepreneurs to established innovators to foster knowledge transfer and upskilling to grow their community-based ideas.

Impact Hub Manila and Forest Foundation Philippines swoop in on grassroot communities

From mentorship to incubation, the team in charge of the SEED Program had gone to different provinces of the Philippines (Aurora, Quirino and Palawan) to roundup, assess, mentor, and connect the stakeholders through the curated framework of the Impact Hub Manila and funding support of Forest Foundation Philippines which aims to integrate business innovation in Forest Foundation Philippines’ adopted communities.

This immersive approach aimed to aid the lack of access to capacity building opportunities, financial resources, and business networks that prevents the majority of small-scale entrepreneurs in remote areas from reaching operations and scale with the SEED Program.

As early as January 2020, Impact Hub Manila and Forest Foundation Philippines is already touting a pragmatic year of more community-building and startup support in remote enterprises. This year-long effort, enveloped in the SEED Program, is already offering proof that community-based projects can and will collect enough feasibility, with the right support.

The SEED is growing

The SEED Program wasn’t solely a platform for community research and data-gathering. 2019 was also marked by the continued mentorship and rollout of training programs to its community. As Impact Hub Manila starts the new year, scheduled community visits and sponsored business trainings are already ongoing hoping to give birth to more entrepreneurs who can help develop a sustainable startup ecosystem focusing on rural area development in the future.

Life-Changing New Year of Building and Learning

There is no doubt that the collaboration between Forest Foundation Philippines and Impact Hub Manila forged a lasting connection amongst themselves and the communities. The SEED program will continue to provide an avenue for learning and market discovery, allowing communities the chance to leverage their skills and implement their ideas in such a way that will bring value to the world.

It’s time to welcome the year with ‘real change’ by disrupting the norms of supporting a community and give them a holistic program where they can execute their ideas as they create lasting solutions to the issues that the world is facing. This is the perfect time to start a change and Impact Hub Manila has its doors wide open for collaboration!

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