Boosting One’s Educational and Employment Opportunities Amidst the Pandemic with Salesforce’s Level Up Challenge

Boosting One’s Educational and Employment Opportunities Amidst the Pandemic with Salesforce’s Level Up Challenge

As current students and fresh graduates soon enter the workforce, there is no doubt that it has been a challenging time for them to gain work opportunities because of the ongoing pandemic. An economic recession characterized by layoffs and business foreclosures have led those seeking for work to recalibrate and focus on improving on specific skills for them to be more attractive in landing the jobs that they really want. 


Impact Hub Manila starts off its Impact Hackathon Learning Session Series with a webinar discussion on the Education vertical, as presented by one of its program partners, Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the world’s most trusted and widely-used customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that uses cloud-based software. Ces Rondario, Founder & CEO of Impact Hub Manila (IHM) began the session by introducing the partnership with Salesforce and soon after, introduced Adrian Tiong, Talent Program Manager of Salesforce, who hosted the webinar entitled, “Increasing Opportunities with Salesforce”. The aforementioned learning session aimed to present the Level-Up Challenge to the Impact Hackathon participants, and the value that undergoing such certification provides. 


As with the theme, the learning session was designed to provide students and young people looking to improve their skills an overview of the advantages that they will gain in taking part in its Level-Up Challenge. The Salesforce Level-Up Challenge is a learning course that aims to help one earn his or her first Salesforce credentials, that one can add to boost one’s CV and experience. For participants of this webinar, they will be given a $200 voucher credit to gain Salesforce-certified credentials.


According to Salesforce’s Adrian Tiong, one of the reasons why Salesforce partnered with Impact Hub Manila is because of Manila’s potential to be the next hub of untapped IT talent in the Asia Pacific region. It has already partnered with numerous universities in the country such as De La Salle University, Ateneo De Manila University, and Mapua University to name a few. One of the company’s aims is to eventually integrate its Salesforce educational program to school curriculums as electives.


“Salesforce envisions a better world by doing good and doing well together,” said Adrian Tiong.


Since 1999, Salesforce has continued its goals of empowering the biggest companies to connect with their customers through trusted, smart, flexible, and sustainable business practices. It has performed through its four (4)  core values of trust, customer success, innovation, and equality. Salesforce expects to create around 4.2 million new jobs and help generate 1.2 trillion dollars in new business revenue by 2025. Tiong further explains that demand for Salesforce jobs even extends into multiple career paths such as consultants, administrators, developers, managers, business analysts, marketing managers, technical architects, and service managers. As such, information from Salesforce’s research team found out that on average, jobs with Salesforce skills pay more than $70,000 per year which shows that having these skills lead to competitive salaries. 


Salesforce’s Talent Program Manager Adrian Tiong emphasized, “COVID hit us hard and we can see that fresh graduates are having a hard time getting jobs. In Thailand, those with Salesforce credentials outshine those without so, I think personal developments are needed for you to be more marketable and gain an advantage at a time like this.”


The Level-Up Challenge was  designed to help students to provide reskilling and retooling support amidst the pandemic. Participants of this challenge can either choose the Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Developer career path then, they will undergo Trailblazer Learning and will have to complete skill-based, domain-level credentials called Superbadges. As participants undergo and finish this challenge, they can further add these globally-recognized credentials to their resumes and showcase what they have learned to advanced, real-world business requirements. In addition, they will have career guides depending on their career track and have access to the Salesforce Talent Alliance on LinkedIn, as they can search for new opportunities in this exclusive group.


For the Q&A portion, one of the main questions that was asked by a participant was “Why pursue tech with Salesforce?” to which Adrian Tiong replied that “The demand of IT was getting bigger. Most of our offices in APAC have good foundations mainly in India, but we need more in APAC. Based on the number of businesses, signups, and talent… the next big thing in Asia is Manila in terms of IT. So we can work together and make an impact.”


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Boosting One’s Educational and Employment Opportunities Amidst the Pandemic with Salesforce’s Level Up Challenge
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