There are plenty of opportunities to drive solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. We are matching these opportunities with programs to co-create the future of business.

We work in partnership to create and scale solutions to systemic problems by inspiring, connecting and enabling citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations – to work together in collaborative environments and to jointly create resilient entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Join us to scale impact!


Learning & Education

The Global SDGs have provided a common language for the issues that demand our urgent action. We now need to build awareness and share stories that inspire and engage more people in every corner of the world, including the youth who will shape our future. We also need to explore trends that can create solutions and be applied to systems that need changing, while enhancing the visibility of lessons learned and best practices honed in driving change.


Startup Support

Startups have proven to be dynamic and powerful vehicles for solutions with truly transformative impact. Entrepreneurs need support throughout their challenging journeys; as ideas form and solutions develop; as they fail, pivot, and grow. Even the most effective startups with the best solutions need support with transforming themselves to reach significant scale. Access to market and financing is key for this transformation, particularly when thinking of disadvantaged entrepreneurs in markets that demand a high level of resilience.


Institutional Innovation

Established institutions and corporations face an urgent need to innovate in a world that is faster and more interconnected than ever before. Entrepreneurs have become an important source of inspiration and learning for leading organizations on how they can think in new ways, design solutions and products, and operate in constantly-changing environments. Impact Hub immerses institutional partners in a multitude of thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, giving them access to hundreds of high-potential enterprises and leading-edge innovation, as well as sustainability methods, tools, and experts.



Solving the world’s stickiest problems requires more than the brilliance of a few — it takes the collaboration of many. Our programs bring bottom-up innovators together with institutional players; invite new perspectives from scientists, artists, activists, and youth; and include those who are the most affected but often don’t have a say. We use formats and methodologies that get the best out of such diversity and drive meaningful action.


Ecosystem Development

Impact cannot happen in isolation; it takes shape in interdependent, lively ecosystems comprised of diverse actors, inspiring interactions, enabling policies, and resources. Impact Hub provides collaborative environments where many, if not all of these elements come together. Even in some of the most challenged parts of the world, we provide a safe space for the foundation of ecosystems where minimal infrastructural support exists.


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