Why Coworking Spaces Are Great for Your Startup

So, you’ve started your dream business— where are you going to work?

Numerous of today’s startups choose to run their business from home, but your home office may not be a suitable environment if your startup is growing and you want to bring more people on board or meet with clients. It can also be difficult to separate home and work life, which actually increases your risk of burnout.

Here where coworking spaces comes in. A coworking space brings together remote workers, small business owners and staff, and freelancers in a shared work environment. Big names such as Indiegogo, Instagram, Timehop, Uber, and Wanderfly have even used them.

As your business keeps growing, a shared office can become a viable option for your scaling team. A shared space, or coworking site, gives you the benefits of a centrally-located business at a much more affordable price than a traditional office setup.

It is always practical to keep your expenses low, especially if you are just starting. If you need an office but don’t have the money or energy to spend on all of the administrative duties that come with running an office, you might be interested in the benefits coworking offers:

Low Cost & Flexibility

Did anyone mention free flowing coffee?!

Did anyone mention free flowing coffee?!

Coworking is generally a cheaper option than an office rental. By getting a shared space, you can operate your business without needing to compute and allocate funds for building rent, fire insurance, office equipment and various other expenses that come with starting a business.

Coworking spaces are very affordable for startups and provide the right environment to flourish. The spaces are dedicated to improving productivity and provide a host of business solutions at a very small fee. Moreover, most spaces have flexible membership arrangements. Plus, free tea, coffee, and snacks are often thrown into the deal at a coworking space.


Coworking spaces are used by a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses- so there are plenty of networking opportunities with people who are also trying to build a business.

People come from all over to work in these offices, yet they all have similar interests and ambitions. Surrounding yourself, and anyone else working on your startup, with these people can only be good for your company, not to mention that it might give a nice boost to your social life.

Plus, being part of a coworking community means you are surrounded by potential partners, clients, and mentors – giving you the ability to easily outsource to great talents when you need help with specific projects or tasks.

Professional Space

Working in shared spaces doesn’t mean your professionalism suffers!

Working in shared spaces doesn’t mean your professionalism suffers!

One of the unfortunate challenges you will have to face as a startup is that people tend to take you less seriously than more established companies. This is normal, but you need to find a way to overcome this.

One of the best ways to do this is to offer a great product or service and to conduct yourself in a professional and personable manner. When it comes to meeting clients, coffee shops or restaurants serve a purpose to a point– but a coworking space provides a much more professional setting to discuss products or services with clients, and as we all know, first impressions are vital.

If you’re thinking about coworking, keep an open mind and visit a few coworking spaces before you sign up. The true beauty of coworking for startups is the flexibility to pick and choose what you need and when you need it.

If you’re interested in finding a coworking space, or want to learn more about the concept, you can reach us by clicking on the button below!

Gerald Castillo