Should You Move To A Coworking Space?

Some of the biggest business enterprises today did not put up offices in skyscrapers. Instead, they set up shop in small garages in their homes. Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Dell did not find the urgent need to perform their operations in the typical office space back when they were all starting. Today, more and more startups have recognized the potential of co-working spaces because of its many underlying advantages.

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Hiring The Right People For Your Startup

Every startup company wants to gather the best pool of talents who will be the backbone of their operations, but the talent for acquisition is what really matters. Measuring someone else’s productivity, much more that of a number of employees with varied capacities, is indeed a pretty huge task. Nevertheless, it is always a rewarding one if you know what to do and where to look.

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StartupsGerald Castillo
Time-Management Tips For Better Productivity

You often come across the phrase “work smarter, not harder” and find that this gives more verity to the real definition of the term productivity more than anything else. You can work daily for eight hours and meet your quota of deliverables yet in any venture, productivity is actually defined as how you remain dependable in executing the important entries in your “in” tray..

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