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10 Grossly Underrated Productivity Tips

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 As the new year inches closer, many entrepreneurs find themselves building a list of targets for 2019 and are thinking of ways to calibrate how their time and energy are spent.There’s only so much you can do in a work day so…

VIA: Startup Summit

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VIA: Startup Summit is an event organized by Impact Hub Manila and KMC Solutions, championing to support startups, innovators and other entrepreneurs in the country.Taken from the term itself “by means of”, VIA is an avenue to convene…
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TED Talks for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

We’ve rounded up a handful of TED Talks in another article and thought we’d give you more. In this installment, we share with you three talks that may hit close to home for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs and leaders. These talks will…
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Tried and Tested Tech Tools: Inbox Edition

With access to the internet comes access to an overwhelming pool of tools, programs, and websites. Even if you zoom in to your work and business needs, you’ll find that there’s a myriad of online resources and tools that aim to increase…
TED Talks You Didn’t Know You Needed - Impact Hub Manila

TED Talks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve rounded up a handful of TED Talks you can watch during your commute or lunch break. Read on for Impact Hub Manila team’s picks on grit, failure, and innovation.  Grit: the power of passion and perseverance…
Productivity Hacks by Impact Hub Manila

4 Productivity Hacks Based on Research

There’s an abundance of literature on increasing productivity. As daunting as some lists can get, know that you can start simple. Boost your productivity with these four science-based tips we curated:  Have natural light in…