Entrepreneurs are widely known for their successes, but nobody gets to hear about the nitty gritty details of how they got there. Stories of success can be found anywhere offline and online, and this often leads us to believe that these entrepreneurs have it good from the get-go.  But let’s not forget that success is often accompanied by failures and mistakes – lots and lots and lots of failures and mistakes.

Through Impact Hub’s Fuck Up Nights, outsiders and friends are given a peek to the real story behind these successes.

But what is Fuck Up Nights?

Fuck Up Nights is a monthly tradition where entrepreneurs gather to celebrate business failures by announcing their biggest business Fuck Ups. These stories are followed by insightful entrepreneurial advice and motivational stories of how they bounced back. Additionally, the audience will have ten (10) minutes to engage with the speaker during the Q&A sessions. It’s a chance for you to ask privy questions about their failure and success.

On May 31, 2017, Impact Hub Manila held the fifth volume of Fuck Up Nights Manila. Four speakers were invited to take the center stage and bare themselves of the success they were known for to reveal their biggest business failures! These four speakers were Pocholo Gonzales of Creativoices, Christopher Tan of Ideal Minds Corporation, Riva Galveztan – Serial Entrepreneur, and Matthew Cua of SkyEye. In line with the event, Impact Hub Manila also celebrated its second year anniversary – old friends were invited and new friends were made!

Drinks were sold  at the venue while the crowd intimately listened and empathized with the speakers as they share the hardships they went through. Subsequently, the crowd also rejoiced as the speakers start to share how they bounced back. The Q&A sessions were maximized by the audience to reveal business secrets, tactics, and solutions from the speaker.

Finally, the night ended with people socializing with drinks and donuts…because DONUTS.

The Modern Entrepreneur and Business Failures

The odds are against us. – Pat Sayao of Maverick, on being an entrepreneur. Fuck Up Nights Volume III

Fuck Up Nights will continue to celebrate the failures, to remind every entrepreneur that failures, mistakes, and fuck ups happen to all of us, but will never get the best of us. Fuck Up Nights is a monthly reminder that life is filled with challenges you can overcome – bankruptcy happens, bad PR can wipe everything you’ve worked hard for,  Co-founders can leave, and that other fuck ups can happen out of the blue. And these shouldn’t stop you from getting to the end goal. Rather, these should urge you to keep going, because if they can unfuck themselves out of a big mess, then you can too. So, if you find yourself in the same boat as these entrepreneurs, don’t worry! You’re in EXTREMELY good company.