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We believe that true progress stems from supporting innovation and empowering purpose-driven individuals. Impact Hub Manila is a platform that is globally connected and locally rooted.

We offer collaborative work spaces, curated events, a wide-array of training programs, access to funding, and a vibrant tribe of like-minded individuals.


Membership Sales Lead

  1. Be the point person in coordinating with the digital marketing team, lead tracking and conversion.

  2. Provide necessary support in executing the overall membership sales efforts including membership sales campaigns, partnerships, sequence of activities, resource planning, time and cost estimation.

  3. Develop and Enhance the membership sales process and crafting better ways to implement it.

  4. Coordinate with admin with members payment, collection and invoicing.

  5. Meet the sales objective on membership sales.

  6. Partnership curation and creation.

  7. Membership Management and Administration - ensure that all documents are properly submitted and filled out by members.

  8. Coordinate with other functions for proper project delivery. Other functions include, but not limited to, digital marketing, content curation, design, and administration.

Community Management and Community Events Lead

  1. Lead, develop, conceptualize and execute community events.

  2. Ensure community membership attendance in community events.

  3. Ensure that all marketing platforms and the Impact Hub Manila website are updated with the latest community events.

  4. Ensure that logistics needs are met for all community events.

  5. Ensure that community events are done within its budget scope.

  6. Provide necessary support and be the point of contact for community members.

  7. Develop and execute an engagement strategy for community members.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Industrial Engineering or related courses

  2. Preferably with related experience in Project Management field

  3. Knowledgeable in Project Management, Events Management, Marketing, and Account Management.

  4. Preferably has background with the start-up ecosystem.


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