Project Management Specialist

For Learning and Development


We believe that true progress stems from supporting innovation and empowering purpose-driven individuals. Impact Hub Manila is a platform that is globally connected and locally rooted.

We offer collaborative work spaces, curated events, a wide-array of training programs, access to funding, and a vibrant tribe of like-minded individuals.


Corporate Training and Incubation Program

Impact Hub Manila runs Corporate Innovation training and start-up incubation training program. The goal of this program is to ensure that start-ups are equipped with the right knowledge and mentors for further its further growth and for companies to be more competitive in today’s innovation landscape.

  1. Be the point person in coordinating with the internal and external stakeholders of the project/s to ensure effective and efficient elevate project implementation.

  2. Provide necessary support in executing the overall elevate project including sequence of activities, resource planning, time and cost estimation.

  3. Develop a process structure for said training and development projects, complementing the existing ones and crafting better ways to implement it.

  4. Coordinate with the partners, mentors, facilitators and trainers on payment, schedules, logistics and other compliances.

  5. Meet the financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing and sticking to the budget; scheduling expenditures and initiating corrective actions. The project management specialist is tasked to collect data and regular information from the activities to provide the stakeholder a regular and timely progress reports (narrative and financial).

  6. Partnership curation and creation.

  7. Account Management based on the project and the project partners involved

  8. Coordinate with other functions for proper project delivery. Other functions include, but not limited to, digital marketing, content curation, design, and administration.

  9. Other tasks that may be assigned from time to time

Online Learning

A goal of Impact Hub Manila is to disseminate knowledge throughout the country and one way to do this is through online learning.

  1. Assist with Impact Hub Manila’s initiative to design and build e-learning courses.

  2. Coordinate with various mentors and content consultants in order to design and build the e-learning program.

  3. Keep track of the progress and development of participants who go through online learning.

  4. Assist with other areas where he or she may be needed.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Industrial Engineering or related courses

  2. Preferably with related experience in Project Management field

  3. Knowledgeable in Project Management, Events Management, Marketing, and Account Management.

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